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HP ProLiant ML350 G6 Server - HP ProLiant ML Servers
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Q1.What is the ML350 G6?
A1.ML350 G6 is the best Price-performance Tower Server from HP ProLiant family.

- Designed with newest processor architecture from Intel with QPI technology up to 6-core.
- Latest DDR3 memory architecture allows to support for either Registered DIMM or Unbuffered DIMM modules.
- Offers more reliable versatile and affordable SAS SATA Storage with RAID 0/1/10/5/6
- Integrated dual gigabit Ethernet provides increase network throughput and redundancy
- Offers expendabilities for higher system performance and future needs
Q3.Where can I find detailed information on the ML350 G6 specifications and supported options?
A3.The ML350 G6 QuickSpecs include descriptions of all models and extensive list of supported options from HP.
Q4.Does the ML350 G6 designed for Virtualization?
A4.Yes, ML350 G6 is a virtualization ready server system.

Tested and certified with Virtualization environment
Q5.What processors are supported on the ML350 G6?
A5.HP ProLiant ML350 G6 provides support for two sockets system for the latest Intel Xeon 5600 and 5500 processor family, both 6, 4 core and 2 core.

Each processor supports 9 Registered DIMMs or 6 Unbuffered DIMMs
Q6.How many memory slots are supported?
A6.Total up to 18 slots for Registered DIMM modules, 12 slots for Unbuffered DIMM modules.

- It is required to have 2 processors populated to support total 18 or 12 memory modules.
- If only 1 processor is populated, then only 9 slots are supported for Registered or 6 slots for Unbuffered memory.
Q7.What memory modules are supported on the ML350 G6?
A7.Both DDR3 Registered and Unbuffered memory modules

- Cannot mix Registered and Unbuffered memory module in one system box
- DDR3 memory speed 800/1066/1333MHz
Q8.What is the total memory capacity for the ML350 G6?
A8.The maximum memory capacity for DDR3 Registered is 192GB (with 18 slots), DDR3 Unbuffered memory is 48GB (with 12 slots) per system.

- Options for DDR3 Registered memory module: 2G/4G/8G/16G
- Options for DDR3 Unbuffered memory module: 1G/2G/4G
Q9.What management software are supported on the ML350 G6?
A9.The ML350 G6 offers a number of industry-leading server management software and features to help you manage your server faster, easier than ever before, which helps to lower your total cost of owning this server.

- HP Integrated Lights-Out 2
- HP SmartStart for deployment
- ProLiant Essentials Packs
- HP Insight Control Management Suite
- TPM ready
Q10.What product specific options are available for the ML350 G6 server?
A10.- Intel Xeon Processor kit
- Tower to Rack conversion kit
- Eight SFF HDD cage kit
- Two LFF HDD cage kit
- PCI-X (x2) Expander kit
- Redundant Fan
- 460W or 750W High efficiency Power supply (hot-plug)
Q11.What Storage Options do ML350 G6 offer?
A11.HP Smart array family and HP StorageWorks family.
Q12.How many HDD bays are supported on ML350 G6 and what is the maximum capacity?
A12.Total 16 SFF (2.5-inch) HDD for SAS and SATA and 8 LFF (3.5-inch)for SAS and SATA. The maximum capacity is 8.0TB.

- Maximum 9.6TB HDD capacity through 16 SFF (2.5") SAS. HP continues to provide higher SFF SAS drives into market for higher capacity.
- Maximum 16.0TB HDD capacity through 8 LFF (3.5") SAS or SATA.

*Except where noted, all prices are estimated U.S. HP prices. Actual prices from other locations or websites may vary.

** Leasing information, where displayed, is for a 48-month lease. Shipping and tax not included. Details

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