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HP xw6400 Workstation - Overview

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HP xw6400 Workstation - Workstations

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The HP xw6400 (available Q3, 2006) is distinguished by what has been taken away - size, power demands, heat and noise - making this new mid-range workstation the ideal solution for space and power constrained environments. Added is new Intel® processor technology and the new Intel 5000X chipset delivering the performance you need today with the expandability and configuration flexibility for adapting to tomorrow. Focused on meeting specific customer requirements, the HP xw6400 was designed to fit under/in a financial trader desk, OEM enclosures and other small spaces. The HP xw6400 supports up to eight displays.


Choice of OS: The HP xw6400 will be available with your choice of
preinstalled Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (32 or 64-bit)
or Red Hat Enterprise Linux® WS 4 (64-bit).
The HP Installer Kit for Linux is also available to ease installation and to help create a custom operating system image.

Access to the latest technology: The HP xw6400 delivers new Intel processor technology for the highest performance and the expandability you need in a mid-range personal workstation. Intel's 5000X next-generation, high-end performance chipset for Intel Xeon™ processors supports 1333 MHz dual system bus, and a 4 channel 667 MHz Fully Buffered DIMM (FBDIMM) memory subsystem providing substantial improvement in throughput over previous Intel® chipset technology.

Small form factor: With one of the smallest dual-processor form factors in the industry, the HP xw6400 Workstation fits neatly into cramped workspaces such as financial traders' desks.

Multiple monitor support: The HP xw6400 supports up to 8 monitors, allowing visualization of huge amounts of data from multiple sources with less need to toggle between different applications displayed on multiple screens. From professional 2D through high-end 3D graphics, the HP xw6400 has the graphics choice to deliver the visual accuracy and image clarity your job demands.

Expandability: The HP xw6400 delivers the capacity to handle large and complex data sets. The HP xw6400 can achieve configurations supporting applications that take advantage of large amounts of memory to better accommodate our evolving 64-bit world.

ISV certifications: Strong relationships with application providers and graphics card vendors provide certified, industry-standard, optimal solutions you can depend on for reliable, more secure solutions that are easier to deploy. HP employees are on site at major ISVs to assist during software and product development and to troubleshoot and optimize solutions before release.

HP engineering: The HP xw6400 features a rackable, easily serviceable and upgradeable metal chassis with tool-less access. Acoustic dampening hard drive rails minimize transmission of vibration from the hard drives into the chassis, reducing system acoustics while protecting the hard drives from vibrations outside the system. The HP xw6400 reduces work environment noise with an advanced, quiet circuitry that allows the fans to run quieter at lower speeds when the system is idle or running low-power applications, while retaining the ability to accommodate high-power applications and configurations.

HP Workstations are personal: HP Performance Tuning Framework (PTF), preinstalled on the HP xw6400 with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, is a free, easy-to-use tool that guides workstation setup, custom configuring your workstations to match users' requirements to help increase overall productivity. PTF also provides application tuning, generating performance increases for selected applications. The HP xw6400 comes with HP Cool Tools providing convenient links to HP web pages that can help streamline implementation.

* Price shown is applicable to the lowest-price configuration for this model; prices for this model with the features displayed here will vary. All prices shown are HP direct prices; contract or reseller prices may vary. HP reserves the right to change or cancel these programs, including products, promotions, pricing, availability, specifications, and technical information appearing on this site at any time without notice.

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