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HP Pavilion dv5000 Notebook PC series support

HP Product Warranty Check - United States

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Please select the country where you would like service (even if you purchased your product in a different country), and enter the serial number and product number below, then click on ‘Submit’.
Please complete the form below. Required fields are denoted with an *.

e.g. HU265BM18V
e.g. C8375A, B8F40EA, H1P31AA

How Do I Find My Product Number and Serial Number?

The Serial Number (s/n) is a ten-digit alpha-numeric number that is unique to your product.
The Product Number (p/n) is a six or seven-digit alpha-numeric number that identifies your product. If there is a pound sign (#) or a dash (-) in the p/n, enter only the letters and numbers before the # or - sign.
Both numbers can be found on the Universal Product Code (UPC) or Service Tag sticker located on the back, side, or bottom of your product (see picture below).
STICKER EXAMPLE (Your sticker may look different)